The Festival de la Familia, Board of Directors:


Hector Bautista


Jackie Gallegos


John Lucero


Yesenia Ramirez-Huamani

Board Members

Hector Bautitsa

Jackie Gallegos

John Lucero

Carlos Zamarripa

David Fabila

Angela Rosas

Festival Event Steering Chairperson

John Lucero

A Steering Committee  operates throughout the year to plan, develop, and implement each festival activity.  The Steering Committee is  composed of chairpersons of specific committees (such as entertainment, food, community outreach, etc.) appointed by the board of directors, along with volunteers for each committee. The chairperson of the steering committee also serves as a member of the board of directors for Festival De La Familia.

Our Mission

The mission of the Festival de la Familia Event is to enhance the Sacramento community’s awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Latino cultures, customs, and traditions.

Our Goal

The goal of the Festival de la Familia is to plan and execute a family-centered event which celebrates the richness and diversity found in Latino cultures.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the Festival de la Familia are: To develop a family-centered event which promotes family-oriented, interactive, and educational activities. To create two-way information exchange about services, opportunities, and needs of the Latino community. To develop a Mercado atmosphere which features Latino art, food, crafts, music and entertainment. To continuously strengthen and improve the Event to ensure that it maintains its status as a premier event in the Sacramento area.